—Case Study

Hut 8


Hut 8 is a cryptocurrency mining company that brought us on to manage their image amongst retail and institutional investors, regulators, and the communities in which they operate. Our team was able to quickly come up to speed on the ever-shifting emerging blockchain space and execute a strategy that saw the development of two communications tracks. The first was geared towards business media and investors, focusing on key metrics such as megawatts, petahash and capital raised, while the second track looked at positive impact on the communities in which Hut 8 operates, including jobs created, economic diversity and infrastructure improvement. ?

Media Hits


Over 130 pieces of coverage have been secured to date in outlets like Fortune, Bloomberg, BNN and the Globe and Mail. Equally importantly, we have secured ongoing positive coverage in small community publications that have educated the public on what cryptocurrency mining is and how it will affect them, creating a welcome environment in which Hut 8 can operate. ?At major conferences, such as Consensus, we secured desksides with major outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Bitcoin Magazine.