In Residence

In Residence was created from a simple “what if”. What if our talented team was given the freedom to imagine, explore and incubate concepts, ideas and businesses they’ve always dreamed possible.

And what if they could do this while collaborating with a network of hyper-talented professionals all while keeping the perks of a full-time job.

This prompted our decision to allocate a portion of annual profits to In Residence businesses. This program invests directly in our people and their ideas to incubate new ventures and new entrepreneurs.

We empower our people with the skills, mentorship and capital necessary to make a new venture possible. We believe in our people which drove our decision to put our profits and power into those with the audacity to do more than just dream.

How Do I Apply?

Lucky you… we have a quick and easy online application. If you’ve got an idea cooking this should take you no more than 10 mins to complete. Applications open November 4, 2019. Once you’ve applied you will be notified with a time for an in-take meeting to start preparing for next steps of your pitch. This includes more in-depth business and financial planning and a pitch/presentation.

What is Involved if I Apply?

Similar to pitching for venture capital, you will dedicate a chunk of time refining your business model, doing market research, understanding costs and ultimately working on a pitch deck to make your ask. We would anticipate needing to carve out 3-5 hrs per week (outside of work hours) to prepare your pitch and plan.